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Well. That was an emotional weekend.
On Friday (not emotional) [ profile] azure_armand and I went over to a friend's and hung out and watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. "Khaaaann!!!" heh.
On Saturday we got up early and drove to (near) Philadelphia. We got there in good time, and got the necessary flowers there, and so on. The wedding - despite being given only a couple of weeks time to prepare - was lovely. Congratulations to C & G. But weddings always choke me up, and this one... well, seeing Cliff made me pretty teary, although I tried to restrain myself, because how much must it suck to be terribly ill and then have people crying all over you? I am glad he was able to see his daughter get married.
Because we were staying with Jill and Linda, who have horses, on Sunday we got up and had a pony ride (well, Victor's a horse, but he's as gentle as a pony). We enjoyed the beautiful property they live on for a while, and then went to meet everyone for brunch at Denny's. Denny's is probably one of my least favorite places to eat, but it was the choice of the bride and groom, so what the heck.
After a long drive back home (woops, we're in the middle of Baltimore, how'd that happen?) I proceeded to unload all of the emotional baggage of the weekend on [ profile] azure_armand. But we had a good talk and I got it out of my system and feel much better today.
There are many people on my mind today.
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It was a quiet weekend but it was good for me. The house got cleaned, enough that my sewing table is useful again. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday working on repairs to the dress I'll wear at [ profile] fayde and [ profile] sinister_dr_x's wedding. I have to say I am not a fan of repairs work - it takes a lot of effort and you don't get anything "new" at the end. But on the other hand I really like this dress and it's vital to do the repairs. I am happy that I did that, anyway. I've been feeling like I haven't been doing enough creatively, and even repair work is better than no sewing at all. Must keep up with that.

We also went to a block party down in the Capitol Hill region, invited by someone we barely knew. What the heck, it was fun, I'm glad I went. They had music and even a brief appearance by scantily clad Brazilian dancers! Interesting way to get the dancing going...

Yesterday we went to the UU church again for the first time in months. I had barely gone all summer - they moved their times to be earlier over the summer and I wimped out. But yesterday was "homecoming Sunday" and it was awesome. I saw a lot of good people there that I knew and got to listen to great music and a service and sermon that was themed on love and hope - great things to be thinking about. After the service [ profile] azure_armand and I went and got middle eastern food with J, K, and [ profile] whthorse. That was very pleasant also.

The evening was mostly taken up by grocery shopping and an unexpected surge in popularity. I was so fortunate as to have no less than five calls from friends and family out of the area, and got to spend time talking to all of them until I was totally talked out. I feel very loved and popular! Almost enough to make unpleasant diagnoses worth while - but not quite.

Wishing you all a good week...
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[ profile] azure_armand and I spent the weekend in - or mostly, near - Philadelphia. It was fun - a fairly low-key weekend but with a sufficient quantity of actual activities for me to feel like I was really "doing something". We were visiting Oblivious & C & her local friends J & L. The weekend included: staying up late, watching movies, drinking and shooting the shit, grilling, swimming, wandering around a 1100 acre estate, admiring & petting horses, going to a Phillies game (which I found I really enjoyed), and watching the first episode of the most recent incarnation of Dr. Who (which I liked a lot, and have added to my Netflix queue).

I am behind on my Arabic again, and should really be studying right now. Oh well. It seems to be going well, and I am getting good grades so far, but tomorrow we will have a real test for the first time, worth a significant chunk of the grade. Well, we'll see.

Oh yeah. Recently we watched Hot Fuzz. We loved it - I thought it was hilarious - so now we are, finally, watching Shaun of the Dead. If I finish another unit of Arabic drills it will be my reward to myself, to watch more.
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On Saturday I got up very very early (4:40 AM!) to take [ profile] azure_armand to the airport. He's in Minneapolis now and will come back on Wednesday. I hope you all, out there, will take good care of him and show him a good time. I should have made him a tag, a la Paddington bear.

I failed to sleep more on Saturday, which was dumb. But I did get to hang out and help [ profile] tomscud a bit with his apartment, and see the area around his apartment a little more. Then he and I met up with [ profile] daviathan and [ profile] msmaryclare for dinner. We meant to go to Java Green, but alas, they close early. So we went to Kaz Sushi instead, which was tasty. And it was a very enjoyable low-key hang-out, which was about all I had energy for (see aforementioned lack of sleep).

Today I got together with the local family ([ profile] tomscud and our aunt and uncle) for waffles, games, a long walk, and a Persian feast for dinner. Nice time. And then we trucked T's stuff over to his apartment and he's really living there now. Woo!

Anyway. Work tomorrow. The cats are all clingy tonight, which is actually kinda nice. I miss my sweetheart but I'll manage for now.
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So, you all know what I did Friday night, or how it ended anyway. The bit before I drunk-posted (which I think is funny and hopefully you do too) was an excellent succession of events in Adams Morgan with [ profile] minnehaha B. and [ profile] azure_armand: dinner at Saki (sushi and sake), dessert at Tryst, and drinks on the roof at the Reef. All fun.
Saturday we went to the big anti-war protest on the Mall. Azure and Minnehaha B have both posted about that. I'm glad we went. I'm still not sure what effect protests have on government decisions and other actions that are taken, but it seems worth a try. And it's fun, too, or at least this was. It was a beautiful day and I was with good people.
Today we went to the UU church. It's the last Sunday before Rev. Hardies goes on sabbatical for six months. Between that, and the people in town for the protest who came to our church, it was packed. This fall they'll be splitting the church into two services, because it's often so full. The service was good, and the music was lively as always. I really like that place.
While we were there I thought a bit about tithing. I think I would like to make more of a plan for that sort of thing in the year. If I were to give 10% (and where did that come from, anyway?) to charities of different kinds over the year, that's a not-insignificant amount. I should plan it.
We had brunch with D & MC at Franklin's, and sort of explored Hyattsville. Although it's right on the DC border we'd never been there before. It's a bit undeveloped, which is unique in the DC area. I'm sure that the developers will start moving in soon, buying vacant lots and old buildings and putting in shopping centers and condos and, if we're lucky, a park or two as well. But for now I think that Franklin's was possibly the only interesting thing in the area, before you hit College Park.
It's been a supremely lazy afternoon for me. I baked some more bread and played some Diablo II and finished my second sock monster. I'll take some photos and show you another time. We watched the Simpsons and haven't done a lot, and it's felt good. We have, however, had some nice quality time together.
Over all? Definitely a good weekend. Thanks, all.


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