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So, you all know what I did Friday night, or how it ended anyway. The bit before I drunk-posted (which I think is funny and hopefully you do too) was an excellent succession of events in Adams Morgan with [ profile] minnehaha B. and [ profile] azure_armand: dinner at Saki (sushi and sake), dessert at Tryst, and drinks on the roof at the Reef. All fun.
Saturday we went to the big anti-war protest on the Mall. Azure and Minnehaha B have both posted about that. I'm glad we went. I'm still not sure what effect protests have on government decisions and other actions that are taken, but it seems worth a try. And it's fun, too, or at least this was. It was a beautiful day and I was with good people.
Today we went to the UU church. It's the last Sunday before Rev. Hardies goes on sabbatical for six months. Between that, and the people in town for the protest who came to our church, it was packed. This fall they'll be splitting the church into two services, because it's often so full. The service was good, and the music was lively as always. I really like that place.
While we were there I thought a bit about tithing. I think I would like to make more of a plan for that sort of thing in the year. If I were to give 10% (and where did that come from, anyway?) to charities of different kinds over the year, that's a not-insignificant amount. I should plan it.
We had brunch with D & MC at Franklin's, and sort of explored Hyattsville. Although it's right on the DC border we'd never been there before. It's a bit undeveloped, which is unique in the DC area. I'm sure that the developers will start moving in soon, buying vacant lots and old buildings and putting in shopping centers and condos and, if we're lucky, a park or two as well. But for now I think that Franklin's was possibly the only interesting thing in the area, before you hit College Park.
It's been a supremely lazy afternoon for me. I baked some more bread and played some Diablo II and finished my second sock monster. I'll take some photos and show you another time. We watched the Simpsons and haven't done a lot, and it's felt good. We have, however, had some nice quality time together.
Over all? Definitely a good weekend. Thanks, all.
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Yesterday was a good day. We slept in. We went to Sticky Fingers for brunch. Sticky Fingers is an awesome vegan bakery & cafe that has just relocated to right around the corner from us! They just opened on Wednesday and I was delighted to see that they have a great space, and that they were super busy - there was a line going to the door the entire time we were there! I'm happy because I really want them to do well. We had a delicious breakfast and [ profile] azure_armand went to get us more treats for this morning. Mmmm.

I also made bread yesterday. I think I'm a pretty good cook but I don't think of myself as much of a baker, so I was dubious. And the recipe - I didn't think it could possibly be so easy, but it was! This recipe takes forever - I started it at 9 PM on Friday night and we ate the loaf at 7 PM Saturday night - but it's so easy and delicious. It literally doesn't require any kneading. recipe & pix behind the cut )

Anyway, we had friends over for dinner, consumed a delicious meal, and had a good time. Today, worky worky worky, and then go see The Fountain at 2. Hope you're all having a good weekend!


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