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I highly recommend visiting Montreal in the summer. We had a wonderful time! (The whole set of photos/video is on flickr.)
details and photos here - Monday through Thursday )
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I just finished my wedding dress, just over a month before the wedding. Woo!

You can see the whole set on flickr, or click through for a mere half-dozen pictures )
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For those who care to see a bunch of pictures of the progress I've made on sewing my wedding dress so far, I made a gallery here. The short dress part is almost done! The long overskirt part, I haven't even started yet. I guess that's a project for this weekend...


Mar. 25th, 2009 09:29 pm
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Even though I was really not motivated at work, and tired and wanted to go home, I got a lot done. I didn't go swimming, but I got a lot of work done. On my way home I stopped and took pictures of cherry blossoms and forsythia and crocus and daffodils. And then I came home and had a really productive evening. Azure bought us plane tickets and made hotel reservations for our honeymoon in Montreal! And I stuffed & stamped all the invitations, and we got them all sealed up and in the mailbox! Hooray for having several things crossed off the list!

I also made tacos, and we watched Lost, and I think there will be nothing else productive tonight but perhaps an early-to-bed night.

It's weird that I could have such a productive and positive day when I had such a bad attitude to start it out.
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In wedding planning news, I got our website up. It's not perfect and it's not really finished, but please take a look anyway and if you have feedback let me know!
P.S. I know the photos page is not good. I'll make it better!
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All right, Twin Citians: what are some cool places to have a reception?

Any suggestion is welcome, but if more details help:
- 150 people, probably
- dancing is a must, band is not required
- must be legal to have alcohol there
- will be at night (8 PM or later)
- bonus points for artsy, off-beat, etc.


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