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When they called it, the bar we were in exploded in joy. Hoorays and yells and cheers and ringing bells.

We walked to 14th and U, where I'd heard there was going to be a street party -- some guys were going to be drumming. On the walk there, we were constantly cheering, yelling "YES WE DID!", high-fiving people, hugging random strangers. That was nothing compared to U Street, where the whole intersection and an area at least two blocks all around was filled with people cheering, dancing, drumming, chanting, hugging. This wasn't a particularly organized thing, it was just... amazing.

And then someone said, "to the White House!" and we agreed, so we walked through the pouring rain (still cheering, hugging, high-fiving, etc) to the White House, and chanted and sang and cheered some more in another massive crowd there. (And we observed the snipers on the roof.) Eventually we got worn out and headed home. Walked the whole way back, still cheering. (Total distance walked tonight, close to 6 miles.) I found a flower and later gave it to some random man at a corner: "Yes we did!" We went back through U Street: still partying, but now with the street actually closed off to traffic by police. I thanked a couple of police officers for doing that. Home.

Amazing. Amazing. I am so filled with joy and wonder and hope! And so proud of my country!

Edited to add: The Washington Post has an article on the celebrating in DC that captures it pretty well. It also has videos from the street celebrations at U Street and the White House that we went to. Worth watching.


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