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So today was my last day of "training" for my new job. I have maybe managed to squeeze out 9 hours total of training over the last three days - but it's been pretty disjointed. I know it's always hard to train someone in your job, especially when you're also trying to do your job, and have a lot of things to do. I made my first budgetary decisions today (yes, buy the $100 shredder) and set up my email and so on. That was about all I had time for after the person I'm replacing left. On Monday I have to really DO the job. Thankfully there are some tasks I won't be expected to do right away. But one thing I have to do on Monday is probably meet some important people at the University. Gotta put on my good-impressions face.

I think that I will alleviate some of my New Job Performance Anxiety with a little well-placed shopping this weekend. I need to have a little more in the way of business casual clothing, since I have to work more hours and more days now, and soon will be full time. That means more than 4 pairs of work-pants. And some new quasi-dress shoes. [ profile] msmaryclare, would you like to switch our fabric shopping date on Sunday to a just plain ol' shopping date?


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