5 months

Nov. 7th, 2013 02:30 pm
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It's hard to believe, but Niko is 5 months old today!

He is so big and growing all the time. I can hardly believe it when I look at photos of him soon after he was born. He was so tiny!
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The last few weeks have been rough for sleep around our house. Niko has not wanted to go to sleep, despite clearly being so tired - so we've been dealing with a crying baby on and off for several hours before a final bedtime of something like 11:30. And then a grown-up wake-up time of 6 or so in the morning - tired parents. Tired baby. Crabby baby (or at least less chipper than usual).

So yesterday we decided to try a much earlier bedtime, because maybe he's just getting so overtired that it's hard for him to fall asleep. We started the bath and bedtime ritual around 6:15 PM. Amazingly, he fell asleep around 6:50. He woke up a couple of times but we just changed his diaper quickly or nursed him calmly and then urged him to go back to sleep, and he did. He slept through from 9:30 PM to 6:15 AM.


So: I am very grateful for sleep. I slept from 10 PM to 6 AM. It was grand.

Here's hoping I can pull off the same thing tonight!
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Today I am grateful for all of the talented people I know. Like guppiecat.
Read this entry and look at the pictures. You will not regret it.
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Yesterday I was grateful for my wonderful friend [personal profile] fayde, who babysat Niko for us for a while so we could have a date. The date wasn't what some people would call exciting, but it was so good for us. We went upstairs, didn't worry about our baby, ordered a pizza and drank some wine and watched a movie. Ahh.

Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather, and for my health, which a checkup today confirmed.
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Yesterday I was (and still am) super grateful for the exciting book that starfive gave Niko! Super fun book that made a special story for his name.

So far today has been a little rough. At least it's Friday. I will cling to that!
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The first noticeable side effect of this attempt to do a gratitude journal is that I am allowing myself to post brief things.

The second is that I spend at least part of my attention during the day on "what am I going to be grateful for today?" Which is probably the point of the exercise. Looking for what I'm going to write about causes me to focus a little more on the positive things in my life throughout the day.

I don't know what I will write about today, honestly - it's hard when the day starts a bit before 5 AM because the baby doesn't want to sleep any more. But at least I'll be thinking a little more positively for the rest of the day.
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Hi there, Wednesday. How are you here already?

Today I am grateful that I was able to walk to a local meeting about development in my community, and am grateful that what's going in is a Goodwill. Not as awesome as the Chatterbox-like restaurant I'd find ideal, but not bad. And I met a couple of neighbors. Oh, and the baby fell asleep on me in the Moby carrier. Pretty sweet.

Yesterday seems like such a long time ago, it's hard to remember what I was grateful for. It was a very productive day at work, which is something.
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Yesterday I was grateful for beautiful, perfect weather that let us take a nice family picnic in the park.

Today... today I am grateful that I'm able to work from home on Mondays. That allowed me to sleep in an extra hour. Phew. Chipping away at the exhaustion.
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The astute three of you who are reading this will note that I have failed to post for a whole week. Hm. Apparently gratitude and mindfulness about it do not easily insert themselves into my daily life.

Ah well. I try again.

Today I am grateful for a friend who not only will take loving care of my child, but sends me photographic updates about how the day is going. Hilarious and awesome.
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Yesterday, I was grateful for feeling like I'm good at my job.

Today, I'm grateful for a little extra time with Joe in the morning; he has a planning day today so his schedule is a little more flexible.
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gratitude from yesterday:
I'm grateful for friends who are willing and able to help at the drop of a hat.

Yesterday E, who was scheduled to nanny for N was sick, so I worked from home. I was planning on working from home anyway, but with help it can actually be work. Without help, it's pretty spotty. So thank heavens for K, who was able to come over and help for several hours, allowing me to get my afternoon meeting in and also get some real work done.
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That I was able to spend a few hours today with my wonderful family, walking down University Ave and enjoying the sights & sounds of a very different St. Paul at Open Streets.

as a bonus, I will also share yesterday's:
That I was able to cook, and enjoy good food, good friends, and good conversation.

(I will not attempt to backdate any further, that seems to miss the point of a "daily gratitude journal". We shall see if I manage to do this for a week or more. Here's hoping.)


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