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I haven't been good about posting about workouts. I think it used to keep me accountable, but these days, I dunno, there are so few people reading that it doesn't seem as useful, maybe. Or I just have less compulsion to digitally chronicle my whole life.

Whatever, it seems like it might still be useful for motivation and benchmarking to do this.

So! I made it to the gym today without my gym buddy, Azure. I treadmilled for 30 minutes - 20 at 5.5, 5 at 6, and then realized I had pushed it too hard with that and backed it down to a fast walk of, um, 4.5 I think, for the last 5. Then I decided I hadn't done enough because that was only 2.5 miles, so I hopped on the elliptical. I intended to go for another 30 minutes but due to a user error ended up with about 45 minutes instead. Between the two I went about 6 miles, which I think is pretty good given my current fitness level. And then I did some situps and floor work to finish off. And collapsed in the (very hot) sauna for a bit.

Elliptical machines are weird, but do seem to be easier on my knees than running.

Sometimes I am amazed at the level of fitness I must have had to do triathlons, and wonder if I will get back to that level (like I want to). We'll see!


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