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Well. That was an emotional weekend.
On Friday (not emotional) [ profile] azure_armand and I went over to a friend's and hung out and watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. "Khaaaann!!!" heh.
On Saturday we got up early and drove to (near) Philadelphia. We got there in good time, and got the necessary flowers there, and so on. The wedding - despite being given only a couple of weeks time to prepare - was lovely. Congratulations to C & G. But weddings always choke me up, and this one... well, seeing Cliff made me pretty teary, although I tried to restrain myself, because how much must it suck to be terribly ill and then have people crying all over you? I am glad he was able to see his daughter get married.
Because we were staying with Jill and Linda, who have horses, on Sunday we got up and had a pony ride (well, Victor's a horse, but he's as gentle as a pony). We enjoyed the beautiful property they live on for a while, and then went to meet everyone for brunch at Denny's. Denny's is probably one of my least favorite places to eat, but it was the choice of the bride and groom, so what the heck.
After a long drive back home (woops, we're in the middle of Baltimore, how'd that happen?) I proceeded to unload all of the emotional baggage of the weekend on [ profile] azure_armand. But we had a good talk and I got it out of my system and feel much better today.
There are many people on my mind today.


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