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[ profile] azure_armand and I spent the weekend in - or mostly, near - Philadelphia. It was fun - a fairly low-key weekend but with a sufficient quantity of actual activities for me to feel like I was really "doing something". We were visiting Oblivious & C & her local friends J & L. The weekend included: staying up late, watching movies, drinking and shooting the shit, grilling, swimming, wandering around a 1100 acre estate, admiring & petting horses, going to a Phillies game (which I found I really enjoyed), and watching the first episode of the most recent incarnation of Dr. Who (which I liked a lot, and have added to my Netflix queue).

I am behind on my Arabic again, and should really be studying right now. Oh well. It seems to be going well, and I am getting good grades so far, but tomorrow we will have a real test for the first time, worth a significant chunk of the grade. Well, we'll see.

Oh yeah. Recently we watched Hot Fuzz. We loved it - I thought it was hilarious - so now we are, finally, watching Shaun of the Dead. If I finish another unit of Arabic drills it will be my reward to myself, to watch more.


May. 22nd, 2007 11:03 pm
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It's summer, and that means that my job at the university is a bit easier. Sure, there's still a lot to get done, but this is the time when we try to do all the stuff we were putting off for the rest of the year. So the projects and stresses are different, anyway. Yeah, and distinctly less than during the rest of the year, too.

So this seemed like a perfect time to take advantage of being a staff member and just sign up for some class that sounds cool. I decided it was high time that I took a class in Arabic, and I started yesterday with the basic intro level course. (Yes, that's right, despite having lived in the Arab world for many years, I don't know Arabic. Other than a few words - most of which are related to food - I'm hopeless. So it's time to fix that.) The first summer session is six weeks and the class meets three times a week. I figure I can handle that!

Actually, it's a lot of fun. I'd forgotten how pleasant it is to take a class just because I'm interested and I want the intellectual stimulation, and not for some reqirement or other. I swear I can feel my brain being stretched by this - which is neither entirely pleasant nor entirely unpleasant. But it's great to be challenging myself mentally. I am happy to say that I am not hampered by a fear of seeming stupid or embarassing myself in front of the class, which I think will actually help me out a fair amount. Hooray for getting older! And what fun this is!

So, wish me luck. So far I've learned, oh, fifteen or so letters of the alphabet. I read several words today, and am delighted every time I recognize a word from some dusty recess of my brain (this does not happen that frequently, but it's nice when it does). Considering that today was only the second session, I think that's not bad. I have to admit I also thought it was hilarious when the professor was trying to get the class to pronounce, um, the letter that's usually transliterated "kh" - he basically told people to act like they were going to spit. Some of the girls seemed less than enthusiastic about making that sound, but me, I had a mildly sore throat by the end of class. And a big grin. And a very squeezed-out brain.
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I haven't said much since the holidays either, have I? I really did enjoy the vacation. Going back to work in January is always tough, and this year's no exception. But things are going okay.

Weather & Social Life: On Saturday we had ridiculously gorgeous 60 degree weather here. Sunny, too. I'm a bit disappointed with myself, though: [ profile] purple_cow_0206 and I had talked about doing something outside, but instead I was bit with the cleaning bug and did not take advantage of the weather... other than opening the windows, and going for a walk with [ profile] azure_armand. That was nice. Sunday was much nastier weather-wise but we did get to see D & MC so that was good.

Work: This week is busy at work but mostly for the office I used to work in. Now, I'm only peripherally involved. It's a relief, although I kind of miss the hustle and bustle and satisfaction of putting on a really good event. I've mostly caught up with my work, although I still need to clean off my desk. Yesterday I had two grad fellows in to help out, which made a huge difference.

School: I went to see my prof the other day, the one grading my final paper. He said, "I haven't had a chance to read it thoroughly yet, but I read enough to know it's A work, so I'll be submitting your grade soon." I'm mostly happy - hooray! it's done, and I got an A, and that means I somehow managed to finish grad school with a 4.0 GPA. On the other hand, I'm a bit bemused - he didn't even read the whole thing before submitting a grade? I guess he knew he liked my writing. Or he just didn't want to bother. I told him I would like a copy of it back when he'd had a chance to read and comment, since I do think it might be publishable in some form and his feedback would help.

School, cont'd: I don't know if I want to take a course or not this semester. My options:
(a) take nothing. Enjoy a semester of no homework, and be social, sew, cook, be de-stressed, etc. Downside: not taking advantage of free tuition.
(b) take something that relates to my field. Grow professionally and take advantage of that free tuition. Downside: stress, homework.
(c) take something totally off the wall, like ceramics or something. Have fun, take advantage of free tuition. Downside: time-consuming. Also, I am likely to be the oldest student by 8+ years; I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Right now I'm leaning toward (a). I dunno, though. Opinions?

Random: 5 police officers required to arrest historian for jaywalking. A colleague was at the conference where this happened; she received a stern lecture for jaywalking but was not arrested. Apparently the Atlanta police were all hanging out right in that area, working hard to beat the surge in jaywalking crime.
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As if to make up for my slackerdom on Friday, I have done a lot the rest of the weekend. I still got to sleep in both days, though.

did laundry
did taxes (yay, the government owes me money; boo, I made a negative sum of money last year)
sent email for job
ran errands
did grocery shopping
baked bread
made tofurkey
bunches of work on IC site designs
enjoyed dinner with friends
made an attempt at watching flamenco with friends (show cancelled at curtain due to costumes not arriving and main performer behaving like, well, a diva)
went to local bar
enjoyed the snow

put together info for OneWorld club; sent email
created a site map for a website for the IC program at AU (tell me, how did I get into this?)
did initial research for SOC class project
had a lengthy conversation with my classmate and partner-in-design
went to the local coffee shop
made the subsequent to-do list (harder than it sounds)
organized paperwork
made red lentil soup

To do, the rest of the week )

In conclusion, coffee makes me kinda hyper. Also, I love this icon with [ profile] xatharine.


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