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I posted on the 5th about fitness, and now it's the 9th. It was a very, very full weekend in between, with no gym time per se. But I am totally wiped out (happy, but exhausted) anyway.

Friday was set aside for a dinner party with [ profile] windelina and Monte, [ profile] spacebug and s4. Which is already awesome! But not, apparently, enough. Mid-week, I found out some news that made me sad about the imminent departure of our friends [ profile] tesla_aldrich & E, headed off to the Bay Area. While chatting with my dear [ profile] xatharine (who lives in SF) I realized that this was an excellent chance to play friend-yenta. And then it turned out that [ profile] xatharine and [ profile] qubit were going to be swinging through town at high speed on their way to see Xat's mom for Mother's Day. So we managed to squeeze in a happy hour on Friday evening to introduce the four. Hooray! I like being friend-yenta.
While sipping our drinks, we decided what the heck, we should invite T & E along for dinner. They seemed enthusiastic about seeing the other dinner guests and when you host, you get to decide that sort of thing at the last minute if you want to! So that was nice, Best Beloved, do you see?*
So I whipped up a big batch of my Mediterranean-inspired pasta thing (recipe at the bottom of the post below the cut if you want it) and steamed some broccoli, and Azure made some salad and we threw some of that bake-it-at-home bread in the oven, and S4 had picked up some delicious cheesecake, so the food was great. Teddie (age not-quite-3) entertained us all for a while and then went to bed next door, and the adults got to stay up and chat and drink wine and watch Payback.
And that was only one evening!! Oof.

Saturday I met up with a friend I hadn't seen since college. She and I both had Groupons for a mosaic class at Mercury Mosaics, so we decided to go together and have lunch first (at Anchor Fish & Chips). It was fun, and I got to catch up with A which was very cool. I got tired from 3 hours of standing and snipping tiles up and so on, but I'm pleased with the mosaic mirror frame I came out with this time (quite different from the last one. It's not grouted yet and I haven't taken pictures of it, sorry..).
Then I went to [ profile] fayde's 33 & 1/3 birthday party. It was really excellent. The lady herself was radiant, the food was delicious, the company was fun. Although I became overwhelmed by people a few times, I was able to escape briefly and find ways to keep enjoying myself.
Somehow, I found the energy to make it to the fourth event of the day (I'm counting lunch as 1 and mosaic as 2), the Danger Board's farewell show. More friends leaving the state means a good chunk of the band will be gone. As sad as that is to think about, the show was quite good, with bonus aerial stuff from [ profile] dangerdhotrod & co. I was super tired though... which makes me inclined to be socially awkward/put my foot in my mouth. If I did that to you, I apologize.

Sunday - Mother's Day. My mom lives too far away (hi mom! I miss you!) for me to meet up with her and make her brunch on her special day, so I did it for my mother-in-law instead. [ profile] spacebug and s4 and Azure & I made her waffles and veggie sausage and fruit salad and had a nice visit. And lots of coffee. I think we all really needed to leave by the time we did, though - I was not the only one having overwhelmed/doing-too-much problems.
I got a precious half hour or so on the couch with Azure at home.
The final thing of the weekend was hanging out with [ profile] springbok1! We went out for sushi and saw Arms and the Man at the Guthrie. That was thoroughly enjoyable and well worth the (very difficult) prying myself off the couch. The play entertained at multiple levels, I really enjoyed it.

And then I came home and decompressed for a little with Azure. And now I feel a bit like I need a vacation from my vacation. I look forward to doing nothing tonight, with the possible exception of the gym.

*bonus points if you get that reference.

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It was a really good weekend. Nothing shockingly wonderful, but lots of really good and no bad at all!

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Last night was for scrubbing and cooking. The scrubbing (of the bathroom floor downstairs; it seems like no amount of effort and industrial solvent will get the stupid tiles to be un-stained) made me mad, the cooking made me happy; thankfully I did it in that order.

I made:
  • aloo gobi more or less following this recipe (I wanted it to be wetter, so I added about 1/2 a can of coconut milk and a splash of water when I put in the potatoes & cauliflower)
  • dhal, following the recipe from the Extending the Table cookbook recipe behind the cut )
  • rice
  • and we had it with some homemade cilantro chutney that we needed to use up. I can't find the recipe I used for that, but it's something like this.

I also:
  • steamed some beets so we can have them today or tomorrow
  • roasted red peppers and did all the pre-cooking for the crock pot recipe that will be tonight's dinner - Savory Chick Pea Stew with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis from 125 Best Vegetarian Slow-Cooker Recipes

I was really tired when I went to bed -- I didn't even sit down after I got home until we were eating at 9 PM or whatever it was. But dinner was good, we have lots of leftovers for lunches, and we'll have something exciting made in the crock pot tonight. Today is the first time we're trying the combination of crock pot plus plug-in-timer.

I should note that while I was doing some of that cooking, Azure was doing the tedious process of applying floor varnish to the 900 square feet of wooden floor downstairs. I am really glad I didn't have to do that.
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Most amounts are wildly estimated, as I made this up as I went along
Recipe here )
*Very loosely based on a Turkish lentil soup recipe in Extending the Table.
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So, what I made did work out, although it wasn't much like the original recipe. I'll give you both.
what I made - mango apricot chutney )
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Tonight, dinner is dhal, a chickpea-okra curry, rice, and some homemade chutney. [ profile] arvedui, I thought you'd like to have these recipes, and maybe someone else would too.
Dhal )
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If the chutney-thing turns out - it's mostly mango & apricot, with a bunch of other things in it - I'll share what I can of the "recipe", or maybe I'll just give you my mom's recipe that I very loosely based it on.
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After a tiring day at work I came home with a ridiculous quantity of vegetables from our CSA. Yum. So I decided we needed to use much of it up, and I made a pasta sauce that was not too far off from Eggplant Sauce #2 in the Encyclopedia of Sauces for your Pasta. It was really tasty. What I actually did/recipe )

Now I want to head to bed, but I must solicit some ideas: I have a very large quantity of fresh basil, and an almost-as-large quantity of fresh mint. I can make more pesto and freeze it, but does anyone have other good basil ideas? and mint - I can make mojitos, or I can make tabouleh, but again, any other good ideas?

Mmm. Fresh herbs.


Jul. 19th, 2007 10:51 pm
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I just made a meal that was almost, although not quite, like the "obsessively organic" one featured in the third section of The Omnivore's Dilemma. To whit, it was almost all from the local organic farm/community supported agriculture dealie. The menu:
Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic (the chicken was free-range, pastured, organic; the garlic was from the same CSA farm)
Green beans with Shallots (beans and shallots both from CSA farm) - a new recipe and happy find!
Oven-roasted potatoes and carrots with dill and butter (carrots and potatoes from CSA farm)
Strawberries and ice cream

I am now ready to descend into post-food-and-wine coma. And man, all of that stuff tasted so good.
Thanks to [ profile] azure_armand for not only prep cooking, but for going to the store twice in one day. And To [ profile] tomscud for bread, wine, and conversation.
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I keep on promising that, inspired by [ profile] jgs42, I will food blog... but I keep on not having time. Well, maybe the way to do it is in very short bursts with cell phone photos. We'll see. My cell phone doesn't exactly have a great camera, but it does have the bonus of just emailing the photo to me, instead of me having to find a cable. Feh.

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Please tell me: What does it mean to "preen" lettuce or other greens?

P.S. I need a "food"/"cooking" icon.
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Yesterday was a good day. We slept in. We went to Sticky Fingers for brunch. Sticky Fingers is an awesome vegan bakery & cafe that has just relocated to right around the corner from us! They just opened on Wednesday and I was delighted to see that they have a great space, and that they were super busy - there was a line going to the door the entire time we were there! I'm happy because I really want them to do well. We had a delicious breakfast and [ profile] azure_armand went to get us more treats for this morning. Mmmm.

I also made bread yesterday. I think I'm a pretty good cook but I don't think of myself as much of a baker, so I was dubious. And the recipe - I didn't think it could possibly be so easy, but it was! This recipe takes forever - I started it at 9 PM on Friday night and we ate the loaf at 7 PM Saturday night - but it's so easy and delicious. It literally doesn't require any kneading. recipe & pix behind the cut )

Anyway, we had friends over for dinner, consumed a delicious meal, and had a good time. Today, worky worky worky, and then go see The Fountain at 2. Hope you're all having a good weekend!


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