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I am being taken good care of. Hooray [ profile] azure_armand, and hooray my aunt Susan. And I've gotten some very nice flowers and things, both real and virtual. Thank you all for those... they make me smile.

My big achievement of the day was taking a shower. I needed a bit of help but I managed it without passing out! Woohoo. And now back in bed, but in clean clothes. And I threw away the bizarro least-sexy-underwear-ever that the hospital put on me.

My tummy feels gigantic and hurty, my head is woozy, and I love Percocet. Oh but hey, the whole shoulder-and-chest-pain thing seems to be gone!
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Congratulations, and all my love, to E & C - [ profile] fayde and [ profile] sinister_dr_x - on their marriage yesterday, October 13. I hope you always bring each other joy!

The happy couple...
on New Years 2007 )
on their wedding day )
Many thanks to [ profile] xatharine and [ profile] qubit for bringing me the sounds and sights of the wedding, a bit... and to leorathesane for stepping in and doing a wonderful job with the ceremony.
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Thanks to everyone who is helping me not go crazy as I am confined... both for the phone calls from people far away and the visits from nearby folks. [ profile] msmaryclare came bearing a bunch of movies AND books AND soup AND junk food and hung out with me; we watched I'm Reed Fish and Mrs. Henderson Presents, and later [ profile] whthorse who came bearing a wii and a bunch of games, some of which can be played from a reclined position.

And of course, [ profile] azure_armand is kicking ass with care-taking, er, even if that does sound weird when I type it. He is taking very good care of me.

This morning I have to say I feel like I overdid it a bit yesterday with the sitting up. (Who knew sitting up could be a challenge?) so thus far I am spending the day in bed only partly propped up. It makes typing a bit difficult, although I'm getting used to it.

Of course, I wish I was in MN, healthy, at the wedding, today. But I do feel very loved and ... while I wish it wasn't so, I also feel like my doctor's orders are correct. I could not, in fact, have traveled. But I will do so later. Can't wait!
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Another good thing that happened today is that my doctor worked a minor miracle for me. She'd given me the names and numbers of some other doctors I might be able to see for a second opinion, and told me to call her if I had trouble making an appointment. Well, I did have trouble making an appointment ("oh, not before October 18th..." "How is November 20th for you?") so I called my doctor. She called the other doctors and sure enough, today someone called me back and got me in for next Monday, the 24th. How's that for service?

Conveniently enough the other doctor's office is near the hospital where I am going to have my surgery, so I will be able to go there and pick up a medical directive form, too.


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