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I highly recommend visiting Montreal in the summer. We had a wonderful time! (The whole set of photos/video is on flickr.)
details and photos here - Monday through Thursday )
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Well, sort of. It was the end of [ profile] azure_armand's summer break, anyway, and we wanted to make the most of it. So I snuck out of work somewhat early on Friday, and we went down to Kiptopeke State Park for a weekend of camping with [ profile] ilexcassine and [ profile] sarendipatree. Kiptopeke is near the southern end of the Delmarva Peninsula, which divides the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

We drove down the peninsula, taking the slightly smaller highways and crossing the Bay Bridge (impressive!) instead of going through Richmond (which would have been a traffic nightmare). That worked out to about a 5.5 hour drive; we all got there after dark on Friday night. It was a really hot, humid night and I confess I feared that the expedition might become miserable if the weather stayed that way. But we got the tent set up pretty easily despite the darkness, and had dinner; not long after we settled in for the night, the wind came up and the temperature dropped and I know I, at least, breathed a sigh of relief.

Saturday was beautiful. We went to the beach, hiked around on the small trails available, saw the butterfly garden and many birds as well, and envied the people who were staying in the yurt. The weather was just a little too cool to want to go into the water at the beach, but we enjoyed messing around in the surf; [ profile] ilexcassine collected some neat-looking seaweed. Although we went back to our campsite for a while (where music and Scrabble ensued), we returned to the beach to watch the sunset, which did not disappoint. I'm sad to say that [ profile] ilexcassine was too ill from a migraine to really enjoy the night, but the rest of us did. I will admit, we all could have done without the excessively loud revelers a camp or two away...

Sunday was perfectly sunny and warm, and we broke down the camp and then went to the beach. I got a little bit of sun and was swimming in salt water again for the first time since Belize, I think, over a year and a half ago. I love swimming in salt water. It's interesting, because there are fish and waves and tides. It's relaxing, because I can lie back on it like a couch, ankles crossed and hands behind my head, with the sun shining on my face; and the sound of the surf is so beautiful. I only wish I'd brought my mask and fins with me, because I think the water was relatively clear and I could have seen some interesting stuff.

Anyway. Eventually it was time to go home, so we said our goodbyes and [ profile] azure_armand and I had an uneventful drive back up to DC. We got some local peaches on our way back up and I am going to make peach cobbler someday soon. Yum. Peaches taste like summer, and sunshine, to me.

Thanks, guys, for a really relaxing and happy weekend. It was just what I needed. I'll post pictures once my camera's battery is charged again.
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[ profile] azure_armand and I spent the weekend in - or mostly, near - Philadelphia. It was fun - a fairly low-key weekend but with a sufficient quantity of actual activities for me to feel like I was really "doing something". We were visiting Oblivious & C & her local friends J & L. The weekend included: staying up late, watching movies, drinking and shooting the shit, grilling, swimming, wandering around a 1100 acre estate, admiring & petting horses, going to a Phillies game (which I found I really enjoyed), and watching the first episode of the most recent incarnation of Dr. Who (which I liked a lot, and have added to my Netflix queue).

I am behind on my Arabic again, and should really be studying right now. Oh well. It seems to be going well, and I am getting good grades so far, but tomorrow we will have a real test for the first time, worth a significant chunk of the grade. Well, we'll see.

Oh yeah. Recently we watched Hot Fuzz. We loved it - I thought it was hilarious - so now we are, finally, watching Shaun of the Dead. If I finish another unit of Arabic drills it will be my reward to myself, to watch more.
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No trip to Minneapolis for me and azure. Bad weather caused so many delays that our trip was canceled. So here we are in the airport in DC, waiting to get a refund. Hours in line so far: about 2.

Edit: Home now, at about 5:30. Gone from the apartment for a whopping 7.5 hours, and spent at least 3.5 of them in line. :-P


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