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Thursday I had a volunteer meeting that kept me away from home until almost 9, so no major exercise. But I did walk to the co-op over lunch with my colleagues, where I bought delicious kumquats for my lunch dessert. It's about a mile walk round-trip, not hard but still at least some exercise. Plus I got to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather! I think Spring is finally coming to MN.

I have been very good about taking the stairs at home and work. Hopefully I can make that a habit.

I'm also working on a new sock creation - started him last night for a colleague's 5-year-old son who recently had brain surgery (and is doing okay, but can you imagine?). He's a T-Rex, and I'm really doing this one without any pattern or idea what's going on. Considering that, I think he's coming out well!
picture of finished T-Rex )
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I just finished my wedding dress, just over a month before the wedding. Woo!

You can see the whole set on flickr, or click through for a mere half-dozen pictures )
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For those who care to see a bunch of pictures of the progress I've made on sewing my wedding dress so far, I made a gallery here. The short dress part is almost done! The long overskirt part, I haven't even started yet. I guess that's a project for this weekend...
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Playing catch-up...

Work is going pretty well these days. Sometimes I am bored or stressed out at work. Recently it's been fairly engaging and I have not been overly stressed, so I'm happy about that. It's pretty darned busy, though.

I'm also making a project of trying to figure out what comes next. That is, I have made a commitment to my boss to stay in this job for two years. That is, until April 2008. That's a ways off, and of course I can stay longer if I want, but it seems like it's a good time to think about what I actually want my next job to be - perhaps even what I want my career to be. I've been reading books, cruising web sites, looking at job postings, and talking to people. This weekend my friend Cristina and I had a good conversation about job stuff. Tonight I'm going to a panel on international exchange programs. I'm trying to figure out both what I want to do, and where I want to do it, although an amazing job would make the "where" decision for me.

I've gotten a lot of sewing done lately, which has been really satisfying. I'm almost done with the project for [ profile] pisces3857, and I'm pleased with it. It's at the hand-sewing stage, so I took it with me last night when we went over to watch the Oscars with C & J. We didn't watch the whole show but did enjoy the part we did watch. I'm pleased that Pan's Labyrinth got as many awards as it did; and that Jennifer Hudson won for Best Supporting Actress. Apparently I need to watch the other major winners.

I got to talk to [ profile] tomscud yesterday, and my parents. [ profile] tomscud is moving here, and I am really excited about that! While I talked to them I looked out the window and watched it snow big fat fluffy flakes; it was really pretty. Today it's all slush and is melting, so Tom, you don't have to worry about this snow being here to greet you in a couple of weeks, anyway! Also, I did my taxes yesterday (refund, all told, but not humongous), and I applied for passport renewal (actually I still have to mail them, but I'll do that later today). I feel pretty productive. Let's hope for an equally productive week!


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