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I was going to edit the earlier post to include this, but decided the tone of it deserved to be segregated into its own post. Results are up and... frankly, I suck. I mean, I finished, but I'm really disappointed in myself. All of my times (other than the overall; note bike was 5 miles shorter) got worse since the Philly triathlon. in which I am very self-critical and give lots of details most of you don't care about )
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The Rumpass in Bumpass triathlon is over! I'm exhausted but much more at ease than I was yesterday. I think I will sleep very well tonight.
some details )
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For the first time since my accident (a little over 6 weeks ago) I had my first exercise of any form other than PT knee exercises, climbing stairs, and walking. Really. It's been six weeks of sloth and pain. Unfortunately the knees are NOT all the way better... but swimming ought to help. I swam 20 laps, very slowly (my tri buddy went 25 in the same amount of time), but swimming correctly and focusing on form a lot. 20 whole laps! That's 1000 yards! By the time I was done my elbow and knees were sore and tired, but I wasn't particularly fatigued or out of breath... it was weird to have my body be in different places like that.

I count this as a triumph. I will go back next week and maybe swim 21 laps! Hopefully that will help me work back up to biking and then to running again...


Aug. 31st, 2008 08:01 am
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We went out for a bike ride yesterday... and although most of it was great, as we were headed back to the Metro we took a detour which resulted in me doing a really dramatic flip over my handlebars, as I completely failed to avoid the giant potholes going down the steep little hill. (I was riding K's bike, which is full sized, not the one in the icon - but this is my "bike" icon, so too bad.) Thankfully I was, as always, wearing my helmet and gloves. Mostly I have road rash (right elbow, both knees, right ankle, left hip) but I also jammed my left arm pretty badly, and while the glove protected my hand (thank you glove) it did not save my joints. So my left wrist, elbow, and shoulder all hurt a lot, and my range of motion is seriously limited. I think we may have to head to an urgent care place today to have it looked at.

I'm supposed to do a triathlon in a week. I'm worried: if the arm doesn't get better dramatically, I won't be able to.


Aug. 27th, 2008 02:48 pm
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I swam again for the first time in at least two weeks. I tested my time for the 400 meters: 11:46. I told the triathlon people that my time would be 12:30. My swimming & tri buddy, K, came in at 12:26 today. I am now debating: do I tell the triathlon people my new time, guaranteeing that I will start slightly earlier than K and swim between people who are about my speed? Or do I stay in my current bracket, guaranteeing that I will be able to stay with K the whole way and do the entire triathlon with her? There are pros and cons either way, but if I change the time, then I will probably be slightly ahead of K for the whole triathlon (well, until she zips past me and leaves me in a cloud of dust during the biking part).

I did it!

Jul. 13th, 2008 05:50 pm
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I successfully completed my first triathlon! I swambikedran!

details under the cut )


May. 22nd, 2008 12:52 pm
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It's official, I'm insane... I'm going to try to do a sprint-distance triathlon this July. It's the Philadelphia Women's Triathlon.

I'm probably going to create a triathlon filter here. That will probably include both obsessing about how many miles/yards/etc. I ran/swam/biked, how I felt, crap I bought to help with this endeavor, soreness, etc... and also its impact on my weight and appearance. I am curious what this level of athletic endeavor may do to me. Anyway, let me know if you want to be on the filter. Otherwise, I'll keep triathlon posts to a minimum on here.

Wish me luck!!


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