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[ profile] azure_armand and I spent the weekend in - or mostly, near - Philadelphia. It was fun - a fairly low-key weekend but with a sufficient quantity of actual activities for me to feel like I was really "doing something". We were visiting Oblivious & C & her local friends J & L. The weekend included: staying up late, watching movies, drinking and shooting the shit, grilling, swimming, wandering around a 1100 acre estate, admiring & petting horses, going to a Phillies game (which I found I really enjoyed), and watching the first episode of the most recent incarnation of Dr. Who (which I liked a lot, and have added to my Netflix queue).

I am behind on my Arabic again, and should really be studying right now. Oh well. It seems to be going well, and I am getting good grades so far, but tomorrow we will have a real test for the first time, worth a significant chunk of the grade. Well, we'll see.

Oh yeah. Recently we watched Hot Fuzz. We loved it - I thought it was hilarious - so now we are, finally, watching Shaun of the Dead. If I finish another unit of Arabic drills it will be my reward to myself, to watch more.


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