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After a tiring day at work I came home with a ridiculous quantity of vegetables from our CSA. Yum. So I decided we needed to use much of it up, and I made a pasta sauce that was not too far off from Eggplant Sauce #2 in the Encyclopedia of Sauces for your Pasta. It was really tasty. What I actually did/recipe )

Now I want to head to bed, but I must solicit some ideas: I have a very large quantity of fresh basil, and an almost-as-large quantity of fresh mint. I can make more pesto and freeze it, but does anyone have other good basil ideas? and mint - I can make mojitos, or I can make tabouleh, but again, any other good ideas?

Mmm. Fresh herbs.


Jul. 19th, 2007 10:51 pm
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I just made a meal that was almost, although not quite, like the "obsessively organic" one featured in the third section of The Omnivore's Dilemma. To whit, it was almost all from the local organic farm/community supported agriculture dealie. The menu:
Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic (the chicken was free-range, pastured, organic; the garlic was from the same CSA farm)
Green beans with Shallots (beans and shallots both from CSA farm) - a new recipe and happy find!
Oven-roasted potatoes and carrots with dill and butter (carrots and potatoes from CSA farm)
Strawberries and ice cream

I am now ready to descend into post-food-and-wine coma. And man, all of that stuff tasted so good.
Thanks to [ profile] azure_armand for not only prep cooking, but for going to the store twice in one day. And To [ profile] tomscud for bread, wine, and conversation.
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I keep on promising that, inspired by [ profile] jgs42, I will food blog... but I keep on not having time. Well, maybe the way to do it is in very short bursts with cell phone photos. We'll see. My cell phone doesn't exactly have a great camera, but it does have the bonus of just emailing the photo to me, instead of me having to find a cable. Feh.

food babble and picture here )
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Please tell me: What does it mean to "preen" lettuce or other greens?

P.S. I need a "food"/"cooking" icon.


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