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It's been a really intense and difficult time lately. I haven't posted since mid-November because I wasn't able to put together a post that made sense and talked about the important things, and I didn't want to gloss over them. I also haven't had time. It really has been a time of life and death and momentous things.

I will try to start with the one I find hardest. I think this will be the only subject of this post.

Remembering Cameron )
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We still don't have a toilet at the house. Joe and his dad tried to install it last night but the wax ring didn't seal. With some google-education, I now suspect that the flange is below the floor level by about a quarter of an inch due to the new floor we laid, and that made it hard for the wax to seal. I think we'll try one of these puppies instead of a wax ring, they're supposed to be "no fail" and man I could use some no fail.

Every single thing about this bathroom renovation project has taken significantly longer and more work than I would have expected. I know I was probably naive about it, but still.

Joe and I are both really tired of sleeping on a futon on the floor at the Lofts. It's bad for our sleep, it's bad for Bagheera to be in an empty loft with us gone all the time, it's stressful for everyone. We're both crabby and feeling down. We've had a lot of other crap going on too - not just house - but this makes me feel like my basic needs are not being met and so everything upward of that is suffering too. We're both kind of phoning it in at work. I'm not really winning at fighting off a cold. We haven't eaten a home-cooked meal in several days; we've even been getting our breakfast coffee etc. at a coffeeshop. Suck, suck, suck.

And tonight, when we might be able to try again with the damn toilet because Joe's dad is free? Tonight we have to go to the final Fire Collective rehearsal.

I am considering being brave/stupid and trying to do the toilet myself this evening before the rehearsal. With one of those Fernco things I might stand a chance. And dammit I really want to sleep in my own bed in my house. We've owned the place for almost two months!!

(Please don't tell me that eventually all will be well, I already know that. But this part is hard.)
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I'm getting really tired of seeing job vacancies that sound awesome, and I'm almost qualified for, but really, I lack the number of years of relevant experience they want. I need to work for the person they're hiring. Where the heck are those jobs?

[end whine]
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I was going to edit the earlier post to include this, but decided the tone of it deserved to be segregated into its own post. Results are up and... frankly, I suck. I mean, I finished, but I'm really disappointed in myself. All of my times (other than the overall; note bike was 5 miles shorter) got worse since the Philly triathlon. in which I am very self-critical and give lots of details most of you don't care about )
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Our internet at home is down, because Verizon is stupid. It's amazing how weird it feels to not have my little electronic IV dripping down into me at all times.

But probably because of the lack of connectivity, I had a really productive day yesterday, sewing a lot of projects. Right now we're at a coffee shop, but when we get back home I hope to have a similar productive time until we head to lunch with [ profile] tomscud and [ profile] evaluna68 and [ profile] dubaiwalla.

But still. Verizon = stupid. If you want to reach me, you'd better call.
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You know how I said I didn't break anything...? Well, I was wrong. My left radius is fractured, up by the elbow. It's just an itty bitty fracture... but it will still require a visit to an orthopedist, probably a cast, and about 6 weeks to heal.

No triathlon for me next Saturday. No more hundredpushups, either! Darn it.


Aug. 31st, 2008 08:01 am
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We went out for a bike ride yesterday... and although most of it was great, as we were headed back to the Metro we took a detour which resulted in me doing a really dramatic flip over my handlebars, as I completely failed to avoid the giant potholes going down the steep little hill. (I was riding K's bike, which is full sized, not the one in the icon - but this is my "bike" icon, so too bad.) Thankfully I was, as always, wearing my helmet and gloves. Mostly I have road rash (right elbow, both knees, right ankle, left hip) but I also jammed my left arm pretty badly, and while the glove protected my hand (thank you glove) it did not save my joints. So my left wrist, elbow, and shoulder all hurt a lot, and my range of motion is seriously limited. I think we may have to head to an urgent care place today to have it looked at.

I'm supposed to do a triathlon in a week. I'm worried: if the arm doesn't get better dramatically, I won't be able to.


Jun. 16th, 2008 10:21 am
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I think we have bedbugs. I mean, I'm not sure they're "bedbugs" per se, but they are bugs, they are in the bed, and they bite me when I sleep. And the bites itch like a ... well. They itch a lot. I have gotten covered in bites, all over my arms and legs and stomach and... yeah.

We figured this out on Thursday night, so that's when I got my last bites. We have been sleeping on the couch since then -- well, other than Friday night, which we spent sleeping in Shenandoah National Park -- so at least I have not gotten bitten any more. (Ironic, to go camping and get bitten less than at home.) The bites are finally fading and I'm not itching madly any more.

But sleeping on the couch (which is a queen size futon, so it's not that bad) is really not optimal. Anyone coming in the front door of the apartment, we hear it. Noises from the street are much more audible. The streetlights mean that there's ambient light all the time, and the windows also get the morning sun. So this morning I was awake around 5:45 AM, and then managed to doze fitfully until 6:30.

Today I will call the landlord's recommended bug man and find out what the hell we can do. I think we may have to encase our mattress in plastic, but I'm not sure. We have to fix this, though. If nothing else, it's like we've gone from having a small one-bedroom apartment to a small studio apartment with a walk-in closet. Not okay.
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I am being taken good care of. Hooray [ profile] azure_armand, and hooray my aunt Susan. And I've gotten some very nice flowers and things, both real and virtual. Thank you all for those... they make me smile.

My big achievement of the day was taking a shower. I needed a bit of help but I managed it without passing out! Woohoo. And now back in bed, but in clean clothes. And I threw away the bizarro least-sexy-underwear-ever that the hospital put on me.

My tummy feels gigantic and hurty, my head is woozy, and I love Percocet. Oh but hey, the whole shoulder-and-chest-pain thing seems to be gone!
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Camping pictures are up here.

And please, help me identify this mysterious bug we saw )
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I hate going back to work after vacation. Not only is the adjustment a shock, but the pile of work is frightening.

I will resurface eventually...
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No trip to Minneapolis for me and azure. Bad weather caused so many delays that our trip was canceled. So here we are in the airport in DC, waiting to get a refund. Hours in line so far: about 2.

Edit: Home now, at about 5:30. Gone from the apartment for a whopping 7.5 hours, and spent at least 3.5 of them in line. :-P


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