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That's about what I'm feeling. Lots of contractions etc. but nothing actually meaningful. Not much reliable sleep. Thank heavens for naps.


But hey! I'm on vacation. And after that, on leave. For three months! Amazing. Right now it just feels like Holiday Whirl, but in a day or three I'm sure we'll actually have a day or two where we have genuine free time and it will be Amazing. It'd be nice if we got that chance before the baby arrives... although that directly contradicts the "Any time now, baby, any time you're ready" sentiment. Rather than see these as contradictory, let's just say that I can see good aspects whichever way the timing works out. (And bad ones.)

We spent great time with family and friends over the last few days. Not as much with friends as would be nice, but still, some.

Niko received so many train things this year that Joe said he's gone beyond "little engineer" and straight into "little tycoon" or perhaps "little railroad baron". By my reckoning:
  • 3 Thomas the Train books
  • 1 other train book: The Little Engine that Could
  • Thomas blanket
  • Thomas PJs, robe, and slippers
  • Duplo train
  • Wooden circus train
  • Tiny plastic windup train
  • 2 roundhouses to add to his 2 train table setups (one at home, one at Amma & Papa's - yes, this kid has two whole train setups)
  • Thomas overalls
He loves it all, although I'm kind of happy to say that the main winner has been the big Thomas book that I bought him at the last minute. It has something like 300 pages of stories in it and it is great to have some variety available to us. Also a handy thing to redirect him to when he asks for a Thomas (or whatever) video - the book is still exciting enough that it works for that. He also received a few Cars things (books, toys) and non-vehicle-themed items (amazingly loud Hawaiian shirt, matching tie-dye socks, a few books, climbing structure and trampoline for basement). We spent part of the day today putting the climbing structure together. Niko "helped".  

I used to catalog my own Christmas loot when I was a kid. Now I'm doing it for my kid. Why? ... Anyway, it's been fun having Christmas with him old enough to fully participate. Tomorrow will be the first day in a while when he won't have any gifts to open (I think) - hope we don't deal with multiple meltdowns due to the change/letdown.

Joe gave me some very thoughtful gifts, too. I am very fortunate.
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