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It's been a really good weekend.

We got to see some lovely friends, T & E, from out of town on Friday night, and have a delicious dinner that I cooked with T's help. We managed to have a nice time socializing despite the fact that dinnertime and Niko's bedtime are in pretty direct conflict these days (bedtime routine starts about 6:15 with the aim of having the baby asleep by 7; this first falling-asleep seldom sticks longer than 45 minutes but does give us some time to eat then on normal nights). It was a very pleasant evening.

Saturday I did a little last minute costuming and came out with something that made me pretty happy. Joe and I made pizza for dinner, and we make pretty good pizza! Later that night, we took it in turns to attend a really superlative Halloween party - the decor was impressive, and people really rocked the Beetlejuice theme with their costumes. (I was a sandworm, one of several in attendance at the party.) So despite not having a babysitter that night, we both got to go to the party and still got Niko to bed at the right time.

Today was a gorgeous fall day, and we went over to a nearby friend's and helped make apple cider. We brought some fresh home made dill bread to contribute, and had a really nice time hanging out in the back yard watching kids romp and so on. I don't know exactly what it was that delighted Niko so, but he was giggling and smiling a lot shortly after we arrived! The sun? The other kids? The colorful weather and people? Who knows, but it was great. And we came home with two jugs of cider. We had home made lentil wat for dinner, which came out pretty well considering I'd never made it before and was kind of mashing up a couple of different recipes. Then I baked some almond cookies because I wanted something sweet for dessert.

The weekend also featured a fair amount of sleep, naps for both Joe and me, another loaf of home made bread, multiple loads of laundry done, and the kitchen is nice and clean. I'm frankly amazed that we managed to accomplish all of that domestic goodness as well as keeping the baby happy and socializing with friends!
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