Oct. 10th, 2013

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Yesterday. Yesterday was a Wednesday, which is a long, tiring day for me these days. But! I got so much done. I worked at my job. I took care of our baby. I cooked us a pretty great dinner with pattypan squash, and mushrooms and quorn (fake chicken), and a rough pasta sauce from delicious ripe tomatoes. And baba ghannouj.

Today I am grateful that we have options with child care. We are going to continue our fabulous nannying situation until the end of the year, and then we will switch over to the Montessori day care that we found. The day care called today to say we could put Niko in as early as November 1st, but we all feel like this is going well as is so we are sticking with the plan. But it is wonderful to have options, all good.

Also, it is just gorgeous fall weather here. Really lovely. I'm enjoying the sunshine as much as I can while it's like this.


Not part of gratitude: sadly, the baby is having issues with going to sleep, these days. He was so good at it for so long! But now he is having a hard time falling asleep to nap in the afternoon, even when he is clearly So Tired. And he is also having a hard time falling asleep for the night... resulting in several nights this week with a final bedtime for him of something like 11:30. Not Optimal. Maybe the doctor will have some suggestions when we go see him for the checkup tomorrow.


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