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Ohh dreamwidth, I had totally forgotten about you. So you get the 14-month update, with nothing in between. Sorry, I still use livejournal more than I do you... and even that is neglected in favor of facebook and G+ and good ol' email.

He's getting more words, which is so exciting. Dada, Mama, hi, train, bunny, giraffe, Oscar (the Grouch), Bert, duck, cat, yay, tickle. Some of those are more reliable than others, but he's making serious progress! Communication!

I feel like his fine motor skills are quite good - he can stack three blocks up, loves putting things in other things and putting lids on, throws and sort of catches bouncy balls, holds a spoon to feed himself or a doll (although mostly we still feed him when it's spoon food), and puts puzzle pieces back in the right spot, if not always the right orientation. He likes the shape sorter box, I should get that back out for him again. And he likes his new sandbox!

He's very close to walking but isn't quite doing it yet. I swear I saw him take a tiny step unaided the other day, but maybe it was a fluke. Anyway, he stands and crawls and cruises and so on. He's into everything, especially chasing the cat. Poor Bagheera. Opening drawers is also a favorite activity. And he loves company and will be super goofy and silly when other people are around. Stealing other people's hats is super fun, and so is being tickled.

He continues to be a good eater, and sleep is going pretty well these days (now look, having said that, tonight will be rough). WIth the amount he's drooling these days, I think more teeth are on their way in. And he's tall! I mean, I know Joe is tall and I'm not short, but Niko seems unusually tall beyond his parents. If he keeps going like this he will indubitably tower over us both, instead of just me!

Despite liking having other people around, he's very attached to me and Joe´╗┐ these days. When I drop him off for daycare he never wants to let go of me (though some days it's easier than others). I don't really want to let go of him either! But he's fine shortly after - and so am I. Mostly. :)


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