Aug. 27th, 2015

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This little baby is not getting as many posts as Niko did. Pregnancy is not a new thing this time, it's known territory. And I have less time - but do have some time right now!

Baby Girl is now 21 weeks - I'm officially in the second half of this pregnancy. We had our 20-week ultrasound last Friday and all looks good! Between that and the early genetic screen, all signs point to Healthy Baby. I am so very happy about that.

Plus, we got to see her cute little profile.
20 weeks
Look at that little nose! (And, much more importantly, that healthy spine, etc.)

Generally, I feel good - energy is good and so on. I need more sleep than non-pregnant me, but that's okay. A big ol' body pillow is helping with some of my sleep issues, and eating more bananas and drinking even more liquids seems to be helping (fingers crossed) with the charley horses I was getting at night. I do hope to have another higher-energy day soon, because I have some fabric I would like to put up to cover the walls in the basement (which is becoming a much more acceptable and fun space, with the radon taken care of, floor coverings added, and a dehumidifier installed).

I feel this little one moving a lot - have for quite a few weeks now. (I guess the placenta is toward the back, which makes me much more sensitive to her movement than if it was in the front. I have no recollection where Niko's placenta was.)

We are thinking about names. It's always hard to pick a name, but we have some decent contenders. Of course, her name may end up being something we haven't thought of yet.

I'm excited to meet this little girl! I wonder if she will be born on schedule (Jan 6).


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