Jun. 3rd, 2013

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We worked on our house on Saturday, and Marc & Rose's house on Sunday. And that was the weekend.

Hey, we have a nursery, and it even has big ol' silver stars that I spray paint/stenciled up near the top of the walls. And we ordered and paid for our kitchen counters! Very exciting. Also, Joe put together the changing table for the bathroom, hacked it to make it tall enough to go over the radiator, and I made a changing pad for it. A bunch of other stuff got done too. It really was a productive weekend.

And it was good to put a bit back into the giant karmic pool we've been withdrawing from so heavily to help other people who are also remodeling + having a baby -- only their remodeling is significantly more extensive than ours. It's also kind of nice to have that perspective.

It'd be nice to be social, too, but that is not happening so much right now.

One way or another, this is my last week of work. If the baby doesn't come by/on his due date (the 9th) I will be taking off work anyway. My mom gets here on the 8th, and it sounds like a good idea to take the time off.

Woah. Baby due any old time now. Where did the time go?


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